Pitch Black Aliens


Oka Ace: hey guys Jan 13, 2015 22:00:57 GMT -5
Fay: yoyoyoyoyoyo Jan 19, 2015 22:09:50 GMT -5
Neviux: So, are we doing some sort of gantz players reunion? Jan 28, 2015 21:32:26 GMT -5
Fay: Holy shit, awesome, you've returned. And we're online at the same time (though I figure you'll have left by the time I post this). I have to go to sleep right now... have a couple of math tests tomorrow. =^p But we'll talk later? We'll talk later. Jan 30, 2015 2:02:45 GMT -5
Neviux: I imagine we will Jan 30, 2015 21:13:35 GMT -5
Fay: So about the reunion thing.... I don't really know. All I've been doing is keeping the place clean of bots. People come and go, but bot slaying is forever. Feb 1, 2015 15:11:57 GMT -5
Renan: So many bots, jesus Jul 28, 2015 17:43:18 GMT -5
Haloninjaman808: Ayyyyy lmao Jul 28, 2015 17:46:33 GMT -5
Fay: Noooo, I deleted "all" (99%) of the bots. It took me a million fucking years. And I brought the member list down from 7 pages to 4- so you better recognize. Jul 28, 2015 18:16:47 GMT -5
Fay: The ones you're talking about are probably the guests that are advertising their forum. I wanted to delete those but they are advertising in the correct section. So...... Jul 28, 2015 18:17:53 GMT -5
Fay: Ayyyyy lmao Jul 28, 2015 18:19:39 GMT -5
Fay: But if you want the guest ads gone, say the word. I personally don't like them because they mess up the "recent posts" section. If it weren't for them, it'd be littered with the lonely, leftover talking-to-myself graveyard comments of myself all in a row. Jul 28, 2015 18:23:26 GMT -5
Fay: And you'd instead be saying: "So many Fayrra, jesus" Jul 28, 2015 18:28:24 GMT -5
Fay: If you really want to see the full history of the beginning of the war between the bots and I, see this thread: http://gantzplayers.proboards.com/thread/4663/forum-dead-complete Jul 28, 2015 18:32:50 GMT -5
Fay: It has been a glorious war. And it never ends. Why....just about a month ago, THE SAME bot kept signing up. Like, seriously, I'd delete him, and the next day he'd be right back. We kept that up for weeks, until he finally stopped. Was craycray. Jul 28, 2015 18:34:24 GMT -5
UlrichAcheronNacht: Ayyyy. Oct 30, 2015 0:55:31 GMT -5
UlrichAcheronNacht: I hope this place gets rezzed. Oct 30, 2015 0:56:08 GMT -5
Fay: <3 Oct 30, 2015 23:03:11 GMT -5
rust: now who loves gantz more than me Apr 14, 2016 14:24:26 GMT -5
rust: how many points are needed to revive this forum?? O_o Apr 14, 2016 14:35:43 GMT -5